A Lifestyle Consultant's Course in Natural Living - Sample Lesson 88

Subject: Vaccination

By John L. Fielder

Introduction to Vaccination


Alongside of the fluoridation of our water supplies, which is also a form of “mass medication”, vaccination would be the most hotly debated subject in our society today, and perhaps the most emotive one at that. Many otherwise level-headed people appear to lose all perspective when it is suggested that other than being helpful, vaccination could well be dangerous—and far from saving lives, has in fact shown to be destructive of them. Nor can they see the logic in the fact that if vaccination is really as beneficial as it claims to be in protecting the vaccinated from disease, why then should they be so fearful of the un-vaccinated?

In the introduction to Vaccination, by Viera Schiebner, Ph D, she says:

If you raised the subject of immunisation with any medical doctor, they would probably tell you that vaccination is the most effective intervention of modern medicine which prevented more suffering and saved more lives than any other medical procedure.

They would also tell you that the demise of epidemic diseases like smallpox or polio is one of the success stories of mass vaccination programmes. However, this claim is totally unsubstantiated.

She continues:

The documented truth is that the incidence of and mortality from any infectious disease which used to decimate populations of Europe only some one hundred years ago declined by up to 90% before any vaccine has been used in mass proportions. Also diseases, like bubonic plague or scarlet fever disappeared without any vaccination programmes at all.

In Natural Health and Healing, all acute disease is considered as a healing effort of Nature, an attempt to rid the system of its inherited, acquired, and accumulated impurities.

The practitioner of Natural Healing regards colds, fevers, skin eruptions, and inflammatory processes as Nature's attempts to eliminate disease processes and heal the system. Some eminent doctors have admitted that in the case of smallpox this is so. Though that disease, in its worst forms, may seem a desperate remedy, it is only so because the condition of the sufferer has been so reduced by desperately unsanitary conditions of living, either environmental, or personal, or both. Anyone who cares to look into the matter will find that many of those who have recovered from the purifying action of smallpox have enjoyed better health after the attack than before it. In fact, smallpox has been known to eradicate TB.

In his book, The Blood Poisons, Lionel Dole wrote in 1965:

Fortunately, the official attitude towards compulsory or mass vaccination has begun to change. The officials of the Ministry of Health, as well as the public, know quite well that an epidemic of vaccination always causes a lot of deaths, to say nothing of other permanent mental and physical injuries.

It is well to note that this was written some thirty years ago and the “official attitude” of which Lionel Dole speaks has not changed, for as at this writing, 1996, the official attitude is again stating the desirability for 100% vaccination of every child in Australia.

After the deaths of three children in September 1949 as reported in the “Times” (England), the “Lancet” on 8th October 1949 devoted a leading article to this disaster, remarking:

Death from disease is natural, and, sooner or later, to be expected. But death arising through medical effort to prevent disease is unnatural, and on the face of it unnecessary. Fatality has no place in preventative medicine and comes as an unforeseen tragedy.

We, of course, would not agree with the above writer where he says that it “comes as an unforeseen tragedy”, as the statistics that were published yearly by the Register-General showed conclusively from the 1800's that more children died from the effects of vaccination than died from the actual disease against which they had been vaccinated.

It would appear that these statistics do not essentially tell us the whole story, for as Lily Loat wrote in her book, The Truth About Vaccination and Immunisation:

Is it not far more likely that, in view of the comparative ease with which it is possible to cover up immunisation disasters by ascribing them to other causes or idiosyncrasies of the patients, the actual number is much greater than those that happen to be reported in the press, or information which happens to reach the associations that are in a position to publish the facts?

It is of interest to note at this point the case of Marjorie Lawrence, one of Australia's most prominent operatic singers whose triumphs in Wagnerian roles have been acclaimed as amongst the finest in operatic history. Marjorie Lawrence, whilst on a visit to Mexico City, developed polio-myelitis to which she nearly succumbed. Eventually she was treated by Sister Kenny, primarily by hydrotherapy, massage, and exercise, enabling her to return to her career after a period of twelve months.

One of the doctors attending her suggested that the polio-myelitis could well have been brought about by vaccinations she had received. This of course was hotly denied by the other attending physician and subsequently forgotten.

A not unusual “side-effect” of certain types of vaccination is polio-myelitis.

Moreover, when the Minister for Health publishes advertisements throughout the length and breadth of the land stating that vaccination is “safe”, and leading members of the profession say that it can do no harm provided that proper precautions are taken in injecting the “toxoid”, it means that any doctor who reports such occurrences in his practice is practically convicting himself of not taking proper precautions. Is it likely that (any) doctors are prepared to do this?

As parents, too, could we bear the thought that an operation we invited, or at least to which we consented, had killed our child? We are eager for the assurance that it was not the operation we requested or agreed to that caused the child's death.

There are doctors who have repeatedly warned against the dangers inherent in vaccination and immunisation. Dr F H Haines wrote:

It is impossible to say what remote after-effects may be caused by the introduction of alien substances into the blood stream. Many nervous and other disorders of unknown origin are too often met with. Products which alter metabolism change the nature of fundamental secretions, cause profound change in the fluids of the body, allergy, and anaphylaxis, are the negation of Nature's own methods, and must be viewed with grave misgivings and cautious suspicion.

Dr Robert S Mendelsohn says in his book, How to Raise a Healthy Child… In Spite of Your Doctor:

The greatest threat of childhood diseases lies in the dangerous and ineffectual efforts made to prevent them through mass immunisation.

He goes on to say:

I know as I write this line, that this concept is one that you find difficult to accept. Immunisations have been so artful and aggressively marketed that most parents believe them to be the “miracle” that has eliminated many once-feared diseases. Consequently to oppose them borders on the foolhardy. For a paediatrician to attack what has become the “bread and butter” of paediatric practice is equivalent to a priest denying the infallibility of the Pope.


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