A Lifestyle Consultant's Course in Natural Living - Sample Lesson 21

Subject: History of Nature Cure

By John L. Fielder

Introduction to the History of Nature Cure


"Only those whose lives are threatened take up Nature Cure." - A Brauchle

The question may be posed, "Why include all these biographical sketches of the pioneers of Nature Cure?" It is our belief that by doing so we will be better able to understand the principles upon which Nature Cure is based. As we share with each one their experiences and personal evolvement, we shall become more aware of the subtle forces that we are all having to contend with which are moulding each and every one of us into what we are at this moment in time.

Additionally, we will continually be coming into contact with these people of whom we have given biographical sketches throughout the course with regard to this or that matter. Suffice it to say that by knowing as much as we possibly can about them then when we meet them in the text, it will be as though we are meeting an old frienn who has come to show us the way.

In this way, we believe, we shall be easier and better able to reach that state of "awareness" for which we are striving, also termed "enlightenment", fully realising that each step along the way is a state of "awareness" or "enlightenment" opening up to the nest step, state or stage.

As we traverse the history of Nature Cure we will be able to perceive just how true and correct the above quotation is. Especially in today's society where the Naturopath of today has moved further and further away from his origins (classical Nature Cure), and has become more and more involved with the practice of medicine, albeit "alternative medicine".

Why should this be so? We would maintain that the cause is many faceted, the two major factors being, firstly, the lack of understanding and the inability to relate to and feel deeply (through a lack of experience) the natural laws upon which Nature Cure is predicated; and secondly, the economic factor.

Firstly, very few Naturopaths appear to understand that one of the fundamental laws upon which Nacure Cure is based is that of the "Vis Medicatrix Naturae"— the self-healing power of the body. The organism—our body—is a self-reparative organism which, when injured in any way, heals itself. Nature Cure maintains that any form of medication, be it cream or salve, pill or potion, is designed and inherently capable of treating only the effect, and does not in fact, remove the cause. In actual fact, if anything, these so-called "remedial agents" suppress the natural function of the body to heal itself, thus building chronic disease.

This treatment of symptoms by "alternative medicine" is often not as harmful to us as the drugs prescribed hy allopathic medicine. Usually its remedies are list as poisonous, but in the overall they will have the same effect: the suppression of the natural action of the body to heal itself.

In Nature Cure we do not treat the symptoms, but look to the removal of cause. It is necessary that we recognise that in all ways, and at all times, the action (symptom) that we are observnig is the organism in action. This is the healing process that we are observing, be it manifesting itself as pain, a rash, skin eruption, fevers, swelling, inflammation, exudation, etc. Our prime and necessary function is to provide the conditions enabling the conservation of energy, so that this healing process can go to its completion without unnecessary and excessive depletion of energy. Depletion can and does end at times in the cessation of life (death).

It is this conservation of energy that is so important, to ensure that we do not end in a worse condition than we were previously. That worsened state is what is common in allopathic medicine today. We would refer to this sequence of events as moving from the acute stage to the chronic.

In "alternative medicine" we are not perceiving this same sequence of events to any great degree, but there is still the suppression of symptoms requiring the body to again marshal its energies for a further endeavour to heal itself at a later date.

We find that it is rare for most to he able to unlearn the teachings of allopathic medicine, which have been fed to us since the day of our birth, through our schooling, and via the media, etc. It is only as the quotation at the commencement said, when our lives are threatened that we take up Nature Cure. It would appear it is only then that we come to that stage in our lives when we are willing to accept that as allopathic medicine has not been able to help us, and perceive that in actual fact has been harmful to us, that there may be some hope in other ways.

The second factor, the economic factor, is, so we believe, another very potent factor for most Naturopaths to choose to practice "alternative medicine" and not that of "classical Nature Cure". If we choose to practice Nature Cure we choose to practice in a way that is contrary to the way we have been educated, whereas "alternative medicine" is in accord with those principles, in as much as allopathic medicine uses medicines (remedies) for the treatment (suppression), of the symptoms (the natural healing process) instead of removing the cause.

In the practice of Nature Cure we eschew the use of all "remedial agents" and rely totally on the self-healing, and self-regenerating power of the body.

To arrive at this point requires a quantum, leap in our thinking. I would remind you of our quotation at the commencement of "Natural Psychology", which says, "before we can change things on the physical level, we must first of all change them on the mental level."

To make this quantum leap requires very strong motivation, perhaps "a life threatened". Even then it will only be a small minority who will then he willing and ready to make this quantum leap.

This lack of desire or inability to make this quantum leap will limit the number of people who will desire to use Nature Cure methods to regain their health. In turn this will limit the number of people requiring the services of anyone practicing Nature Cure, thus limiting their ability to earn an income.

On the other hand this quantum leap is not required tor those people choosing to praccice or attend a Naturopath who practices "alternative medicine". In practice people readily change their allegiance from allopathic medicine to "alternative medicine". A Naturopath practicing "alternative medicine" may well earn as much as an allopathic physician.

We can see than that anyone choosing to practice Nature Cure may well not expect to command a large income, whereas if they should choose "alternative medicine" they can well expect to do so.

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