A Lifestyle Consultant's Course in Natural Living - Sample Lesson 1

Subject: Philosophy of Biogenic Living

By John L. Fielder

Introduction to Philosophy of Biogenic Living

Author: Professor Dr. Edmond B. Szekely

The aim of Biogenic Living is the search for and omnilateral realisation of the best forms of life:

  1. Individual
  2. Social, and
  3. Cosmic.

That which is in accordance with the following triple laws and optimal purposes:

  1. Improvement of self.
  2. Improvement of others.
  3. Eternal omnilateral improvement.

Individual Purpose

The individual purpose is the absorption ot every source of energy and harmony trom every individual, social, and cosmic milieu,

Social Purpose

The social purpose is the moulding of the preceding factors into an harmonious balance between the individual and the community, by harmonising and improving optimally all our individual qualities and values within the realities of our social milieu.

Cosmic Purpose

The cosmic purpose is the harmonisation ot this individual and social balance with the omnilateral cosmic law through the forces and currents of eternal cosmic life.

All these three purposes or objectives are mutual pre-conditions, and are reciprocally complementary, one of the other.

The Best Ways of Improving the Individual

Our aim is the omnilateral vitalisation of our psychological organism, by the absorption of all the vital energies in Nature, by the elimination of all morbid and inferior substances, by the improvement of all our existing senses and psychological capacities, by securing individual optimal perfection and maximal longevity, through continual optimal and omnilareral evolution towards perfection based on existing preconditions, and by the creation of successive phases of basic superiority:

  1. by continual contact with the natural forces —sun, air, water, earth, higher cosmic radiations,
  2. by systematic exercises and breathing- through the skin and lungs;
  3. by an optimal unfired diet, qualitatively- good simple combinations—quantitatively- small amount, Cornarism—and modally— complete mastication, Fletcherism,
  4. by regenerative fasting,
  5. by omnilateral concentration of thought directed optimally and continually to every problem, through the creation of progressively higher mental currents trom the point of view of ethics and knowledge and the attraction and absorption of all higher currents in increasingly higher affinity;
  6. by the optimal realisation of all these thoughts through omnilateral activity in the spheres of ethics and knowledge.

Cosmic, Solar, Terrestrial, and Human radiations

The purer our lives, the nearer we get to the final aim of an exclusively raw tood regimen. And the closer we are to our ideal, the more we shall be aided in our vital activities by the vital elements, air, earth, water, and all the cosmic radiations they contain.

The man who pursues an unnatural life makes his system a poor conductor, and even an insulator, of all the higher cosmic radiations. He abandons himselt to the interior processes going on in his body, which draw him. by the force of interior gravitation towards the reign of death. Our planet absorbs all the higher radiations coming from infinite cosmic space. They are accumulated and prepared in the natural elements, air, water, earth, and represent the preconditions of the existence and development of our system.

Unilaterality of Natural Therapeutics

We read a great deal about the beneficial action of water, air, and sun, in a number ot textbooks of natural therapeutics. Yet their authors are unaware of die omnilateral correlations, of the cosmic processes, and merely possess unilateral knowledge, which cannot secure the best results. Some of them have a predilection for sun or air baths, others for water baths or earth baths. It is possible to secure unilateral results by the employment ot one or more of these factors alone. And naturally enough, those who use them contribute the minor successes obtained to one or other of these elements. The truth is far different.

Reciprocal Action of All the Vital Forces

Cure is in every case due to the reciprocal action of all the vital forces of our planet. To achieve our purpose, which i.s cure, every factor must co-operate omnilaterally in an optimal manner. A seed cannot develop in the dark; it is futile to water the soil and provide the necessary temperature for life; the seed can never sprout in the absence of the light of the sun. And vice versa, seeds sown in dry ground will never grow, though they may en|oy the action of the sunlight. The forces of the vital elements must be complementary to one another. The vital processes are completed only by means of their complete collaboration. Similarly, the processes of healing are only efficacious in the degree that we take simultaneous advantage of every natural law and force. Further, we shall fruitlessly endeavour to restore our health, even with the help of all the elements of Nature, if we break the law by indulgence in an inferior dietetic regime.

Daily Intoxication

The most effective curative elements will not avail against the permanent daily intoxication of the system. That is why death holds in its power both the rich, who are able to take advantage of spa treatment, and the poor, who cannot attord such extravagances. The beneficial effects of the vital elements in Nature can only be telt in our organism contemporaneously with a natural dietary, which excludes every process of dissolution and fermentation. Under such conditions cure is speedily brought about.

Fasting and Natural Food

The most effective operation is naturally the tast. The greater the purity of our system, the easier it is for the vital elements of Nature to help us with their stores of cosmic radiations.

The Debt of Medical Science to Nature Cure

Allopathic medicine based on the use of drugs and artificial remedies has always been compelled to recognise or employ methods invented by simple unlettered Naturopaths. Just as medical science has taken from the peasant Priessnitz, the cobbler Kuhne, the gardener Schroth, and ignorant men like Rikle, Just, Platen, or Bilz, so will it have to accept the optimal results obtained by omnilateral knowledge based on the totality of cosmic and natural law.

The Cure of Every Disease and Prolongation of Life

Understanding and achievement of the cure of every disease and the prolongation of life by means of Biogenic Living depends, in every case, upon the individual will and intelligence.

Every disease is curable, but not every patient.

The Omnilateral Nature of Our Conception

People who are the slaves of chaos, ignorance, and egotism tail to grasp the omnilaterality of our conception, and introduce chaos and disorder into the unilateral application of some but not all of our methods.

Frightened by the absence of results, or the appearance of symptoms of which they do not grasp the significance, they return to the chaotic condition of ignorance and suffering to the reign of death.

On the other hand, the times will always produce individuals able to understand and to follow our teaching. The ignorance and egotism of the others will operate to select them and decimate their numbers. It is true that the wages of sin is death. What we teach has been, is, and ever shall be the way, the truth, and life.

Importance of the Cosmic Rays: Their Power of Penetration

The cosmic rays are of immense importance. We know that they have a colossal power of penetration. They are much harder than the hardest radium rays, the gamma rays. Without taking into account the highest figures, we can accept the following without dispute. 1.5cm of lead reduces the gamma ray of Radium C" by one half. It has to be ten times that thickness to absorb one half of the cosmic radiation. We have seen, too, Kohlhorster's curve extending from 27 kilometres up in the air to 230 metres below the surface of the water. In other words, the ray is not completely absorbed by a layer made up of the whole of the atmosphere and 230 metres of water.

Their energy is tremendous. Millikan and Bowen, in their researches, classified their measurements made in an aeroplane or balloon and gave figures according to which the energy of cosmic rays is far greater than that existing in all other forms of radiant energy.

Transmutation of Lead at Cambridge

Experiments in artificial transmutation of lead by means of cosmic rays, successfully carried out by Blackett and Occhialhu of the Cavendish Laboratory, at Cambridge, despite very great difficulties, show that these rays are by far the most powerful bombers of matter and the strongest liberators of matter that we know of.

Life is Vibrational Harmony

Life is vibrational harmony, and if healthy cells are prevented from vibrating under the conditions which are in harmony with the preconditions of their existence, they cannot continue their normal life. The cell becomes diseased and the substances secreted by the endocrine glands bring about functional disturbances of the system.

The Living Organism is an Electromagnetic System

The living organism is an electromagnetic system which, in its normal condition, should be in balance with the field of cosmic radiations. Lakhowski used certain electrical vibratory circuits in his environment which tiller the cosmic rays to obtain their reception and inclusion. The vibratory circuits and filtration of the electrical rays which he constructs in this way replace the missing energy of the diseased cells, and, by restoring original normal cellular vibration, cure the patient. Our view is that Lakhowski's therapeutic methods are both artificial and unnecessary.

Restoration of Psychological Balance

When our organism has lost its psychological balance, it should always be restored by the internal activity of the organism itself and not from without, by means of artificial apparatus.

Natural Food Accumulations of Cosmic Vibrations

Why go to the trouble of making instruments to introduce certain specific vibrations into the system, when we can introduce any dose we please—quantitatively and qualitatively—of natural foods, accumulators of particular vibrations? By eliminating every insulating element—toxins and inferior substances—from the system, we can completely reconstruct the body with new cells containing the vibrations required for maintaining balance between the internal cellular vibrations of the system, and the electrical field of the external cosmic radiations. That is why our method is much simpler, more natural, more practical, and more radical and rapid in its results than the methods of Lahkowski.

We conceive that the broadcasting of these principles and the unrestricted examination and fair criticism of everything around us cannot fail to encourage the development of ourselves to full stature.

Exposure of the irrationality and immorality of authority, combating it in all shapes and forms, fighting prejudices, making people think; enabling men to win freedom first tor themselves, and that done, for others, the rebirth of those who do not know themselves, and, preparing for all that which is already possible to a few — life in an harmonious society of conscious human beings — prelude to a world of freedom and love.

Such is our task. It can be the task of Everyman, if he be fired with the spirit of justice and of truth, and the desire to march onwards to the conquest of a better future.

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