Clohesy River Health Farm

Established in 1971, the 300 acre farm lies in a peaceful valley with a natural bush setting on the banks of the Clohesy River. The Farm, which is The Academy of Natural Living Campus, is located 45km (35 miles) from Cairns, approximately a one-hour drive, and 16km (12 miles) from the nearest township of Kuranda.

Philosophy, Aims, Objectives

Our aim is to provide the ideal conditions, or as near as is practical, that will enable guests to achieve optimum health: pure air, pure water, sleep, wholesome food, exercise, sunshine, rest and relaxation, play and recreation, pleasant environment, creative useful work. By following natural law and providing the necessary conditions, the body’s own innate wisdom will restore optimum health. The best way to teach and enact this is by example. We achieve this by practical demonstration, discussion, and guidance. Dr Fielder also lives the lifestyle himself.

The Farm—a healing sanctuary—is the perfect place for rest, relaxation, recuperation, and/or rejuvenation. We find that Nature Cure as practised here is an "alternative to all medicines" for those truly interested in improving their health and are seriously seeking to avoid or regress degenerative disease problems. Fasting can be undertaken (but is not mandatory, and is sometimes contra-indicated) under the supervision and care of John L. Fielder, DO, DC, ND. Dr Fielder has over 35 years experience in this area of natural healing.

Dr Fielder, a certified teacher of Biogenic Living and Life Science, a lecturer in the History, Philosophy, Practice of Nature Cure, Fasting, Natural Hygiene, and Biogenic Living, teaches weekly classes from his Lifestyle Consultant’s Course in Natural Living, which is based upon these principles. He is the founder/director of Clohesy River Health Farm and The Academy of Natural Living, founder of the Natural Health Society of South Australia, a member of the British Register of Naturopaths and the Incorporated Society of Registered Naturopaths in the UK, and a member of the International Association of Hygienic Physicians in the US.

The Farm

The farm has been organic for over 40 years. No harmful sprays or artificial fertilisers are used.

In the past, a large proportion of the food consumed by those staying at the farm was grown on the farm. Following a fire in 2002 that destroyed the orchard and garden we are again moving towards this goal as we replant the orchard and regenerate the vegetable garden.

As much as is possible we utilise only sustainable methods in the operation of the farm. To attain this, our water is pumped from the river by a water-wheel and all our electrical appliances are powered by solar power.

There is neither TV nor radio on the farm to disturb the natural tranquility.

Who Can Stay?

People from all walks of life come to the farm:

People come to the farm with every imaginable medical condition. The only requirement to be accepted is that you be willing to learn.

Do I need to be ill to stay at the farm?

No, you don't need to be ill to stay at the farm. Many apparently healthy people come to the farm to learn about organic and sustainable living, and to learn how to live longer while maximising and maintaining their health and vitality.

When should I come, and how long should I stay?

I am usually away for the months of April and most of May on my annual lecture tour and unable to accept guests at that time.

The best time of the year to visit is from the end of May till the end of November. During this period the weather is generally fine, humidity is low, and temperatures are moderate. Otherwise when it is most convenient to you.

A minimum stay of three (3) weeks is recommended to enable the body to adjust to lifestyle changes. Shorter stays are accepted, however staying only part of a week is not permitted.

Our week commences on Saturday, ending the following Friday. In special circumstances this time frame may be varied.

What types of treatments are offered?

We offer:

All programmes are designed for the individual following an initial consultation.

Please be aware that while fasting is in many ways the ultimate healing method, it can be dangerous if not undertaken with care. For your safety we therefore have stringent policies that clients are expected to comply with, particularly with regard to whether or not to fast, and when and how to break the fast.


Prices are available on application.

A non-refundable, non-transferable deposit of one full week’s tuition fee must be paid prior to acceptance of the reservation.

We accept cash, cheques, money orders, and PayPal. You can pay by credit card through PayPal.

Patient Care

To enable me to keep my fees to a minimum, as well as to provide more personalised care, I do not employ nursing staff. If you need a full-time carer and wish to stay at the farm you may bring your carer with you.


The rooms, simple and designed to ensure maximum fresh air and adequate protection from the elements, are set in a tropical environment which creates a calm, peaceful atmosphere to promote health and healing. Facilities—showers, toilets, hand washing tubs and a clothesline are nearby. To ensure the least harm to the environment, guests are requested to use laundry soap with care so as not to pollute the rivers and streams.

Rooms are double occupancy. Guests are expected to maintain the cleanliness of their rooms.


Airport transfers available on Saturdays.


Two meals a day are served—lunch at 11.45am, dinner at 5.30pm, in accordance with the "No Breakfast Plan" for optimal health.

Meals consist of whole raw foods - there is no cooked food here and no cooking facilities.


Guests are encouraged to become involved in Farm activities, which will provide exercise and increase knowledge and understanding of Natural Living.


Dress is casual. Bring a swimsuit for river swims and a large towel or mat for sunbathing. A jumper/sweater or lightweight jacket is appropriate for cool evenings. Sturdy walking shoes are recommended for the casual tracks/trails throughout the area.

Items to Bring

A torch/flashlight, extra batteries, reading material, notepad, pen/pencil, stationery, envelopes, postage stamps, a telephone card for long distance calls, and laundry soap.

Radios and music players are only permitted when using a headset so as not to disturb other guests.

Items Not Permitted

Drugs (both legal and illegal), supplements, tea, coffee, tobacco, alcohol, all scented products (such as perfume, cologne, aftershave, incense). We strive to maintain an allergy free environment for our guests.

While at the Farm guests are advised to refrain from using cosmetics, hand cream, body lotion or powder, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste, sunscreen, tanning lotion or oil.

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